My First Time-lapse

Anyone who’s been following me for a while knows that video is not my forte. But after having people ask on multiple occasions how I shade my artwork, I decided it would probably be a whole lot easier to just show them…



Luckily I have a phone with good recording capabilities, (thanks Huawei) so I didn’t have to spend out on a camera etc to get set up, and rather than buy a tripod I bought a weird little Flexi arm phone holder from Amazon. Its not perfect but if you’re just starting out, its a lot cheaper than spending out on the more specialised gear!

As you can probably tell from the video I didn’t have a proper lighting set up either. I was relying on natural light on my desk set up in front of the window to draw by. It’s ok in a pinch, but you can see the massive variation in lighting during the time-lapse which I tried to avoid by filming at a similar time & same spot every day. I have since bought a ring light with a phone holder for filming in, which will hopefully make the process a little easier now!

Thankfully I already had access to Adobe Premier Pro on my work Mac (thanks Haden Media for letting me use it!) so after I’d learnt the basics of cutting and editing, and spent hours being seriously picky about what was going to stay in the final cut, it was ready to go live.

The next part was a pretty big deal to me…

I finally set up my own Youtube Channel!

This may seem like a pretty small achievement but as someone generally quite private, it was a big step for me to share more of an insight into my own little bubble. I am aware that I’m probably a bit boring so I’ll try to find ways to keep my videos entertaining for you!

I genuinely have a new found respect for the Instagram influencers who make video on a daily basis. It’s a time consuming process, especially for a noob like me.

So the TLDR: I made my first video and uploaded it on Youtube! feel free to check it out.

*I’m always open to suggestions on what content you guys would like to see or even buy on my shop, so feel free to message me on my Instagram or use the contact form on here to get in touch and let me know!